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Tribal gaming
Mansi gupta

Gambling is an integral part of United States of America. But it was not so all along the way. The gambling trade was not an open business in the continent. Only the tribals were undertaking this job of going around the places and making people play. The inception of the country saw coming up of many small time tribal casinos. The Indians were the ones who started the games and they owned the casinos. The regions around California and Nevada saw the mushrooming casinos and they saw the growth of gaming and casinos. The ruggedness of the west America and the loot for money was one reason why they liked casinos so much. It suited their personality and style. But casinos were not only for the tough ones. They were also for the quick witted and the smart players. Thus the casino tradition grew almost all over the continent.

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The government too did its part in spreading the influence of casinos. The Indian Gambling Regulation Act was aimed at legalizing gambling in the tribal areas. The tribal people were, by this act, allowed to undertake casino business on their lands. Thus many casinos which were essentially hidden came to the fore ground and they started to infuse money into the tribal areas, thus making them viable.

Now-a-days casinos can be seen all over the American mainland. From Connecticut to California the whole continent is studded with gambling destinations and the jewel among them stands as Las Vegas, which over the years, have gained the status of the gambling capital of the world. The resorts in these areas are not only confined to gambling service. These have turned out t be big centers for fun frolic, entertainment, holidaying etc. huge gambling casinos with many thousand slot machines and equally numerous tables have come up in different parts of the country. The northern peninsula of the Michigan River has one of the most exiting casino destinations of America. These are unique by the fact that gambling continues here through out the day and night too. The resort has a historical background and thus it makes the unique combination of Vegas Style luxury and heritage.

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The casinos offer the tournament facility to the avid players. They may be organized weekly or fortnightly. High money is at stake and number of better too is very high. The tournaments too have given their bit to popularize gambling in the continent. They are at times telecasted live and the following of the game has thus grown multifold.

All casinos offer spas, food courts, pools and places to hang out. The tribal casinos which started as humble belongings have today grown in to tremendous revenue generation machines. Money changes had too quickly in such places. The casinos are today transacting in millions of dollars and thus the prospects too are very bright. The tribes of America have to be given credit for incepting the gaming culture in the country which today has become a booming industry. The government playing its part and the social uplift of the tribes and the growing popularity through the television and internet is sure to take this industry too far for any one to catch it this is tribal gambling at its best.

About the author:
Mansi gupta writes about tribal gaming. Learn more at http://www.tribalgaminginfo.com

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