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Poker and the Human Fear Detector
By: Sean Harrington

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How do you play against someone who constantly knows exactly what you are doing?
You may know the guy I am talking about. He tells me what my cards are right before I muck them. Every time I make a move against him he picks me off like a hawk catches a field mouse. On the other hand when I have the goods he folds whether I under bet or over bet. He has no discernable tells. Every time you think he is going to show you a pure bluff he turns over a monster. The times you lay down he flips over his 7 2 off suit. And if you think that means the next one will be for real then somehow he will know that the next time a bluff will work just as well. He's the human fear detector. If the fear isn't there then you must have a hand.

So the solution is obvious. Put a bad beat on him. No not really. Avoid bluffing and be happy with the little pots you take down with the best hand. Avoid this guy like the plague. There is no shame in admitting he has your number. At least the guy who wrote Psychology of Poker will commend you.
If you play for the challenge you might try going straight into him. You will make headway one day and maybe you become a better player for it. Sure you'll lose a lot of money and have to leave the tournaments early but at least you stepped up to the challenge.

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About the author:
Sean is a poker fan and owner/webmaster of http://www.pokerism.com

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