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Top 5 things to look for when buying Quality Poker Table
By: Matt McClain

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When one is ready to buy a quality poker table that will last for years, there are some things to consider; like what size, what style, quality vs. price, purchasing chairs with the table, and of course where to buy your table.

What size poker table should I buy?

Round poker tables usually come in 3 common sizes 48", 52", and 60". A 48" table will comfortably accommodate 6 or less people although most say that size will seat 8. If you have a need to seat more players at a round poker table then I would advise purchasing and 52" or better.

What style should I buy?

Some poker players really want to put on a good tournament by purchasing an authentic Texas Holdem table. These tables are best for tournament play and allow for more elbow room and possibly a dealer if one desires. These tables can also be equipped with a chip tray and a lock box to safely store cash.

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What about Quality?

Quality poker tables will last a lifetime or more. Yes quality poker tables are expensive and require a healthy investment in some cases, but the reward of having a piece of furniture that will get a lot of use out weighs the price in the long run.

What about the chairs?

A lot of people ask themselves "Should I buy matching chairs with this table?" The best route to go due to the inequalities that you will encounter in trying to match furniture from different manufacturers. Quality poker chairs are generally expensive because of the time and energy put in to each and every one. Poker chairs are made to last and to provide a comfortable seat for the poker players that do make it to the final round.

Where should I purchase the table?

The best place to purchase a poker table is on the internet. Most sites will have free shipping for items like poker tables and supplies. And you will be able to find the best deals online due to the competition. Plus, having an item of this size shipped to your front door is very convenient.

About the author:
Micheal Russell writes about poker tables. See http://www.pokertablesexpress.com for more information.

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