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Three Card Poker Bonuses
By: Stanley Majors

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One of the things that might confuse people regarding Three Card Poker is the subject on the bonuses that can be paid out. These bonuses reward players who have been dealt strong poker hands.

There are two types of bonuses, the first being the Pair Plus Bonus and the other being the Ante Bonus.

Pair Plus Bonus
This is the main bonus payout in Three Card Poker. To qualify for this bonus, you must place a bet in the Pair Plus area of the table and the cards in your hand must be a pair or higher. This bet can be any amount, but it must be placed before the cards are dealt. The bonus is a multiple of the amount you placed on the Pair Plus area. This multiple factor is based on your hand strength; here are the factors:

Hand Multiplier
Pair 1 x
Flush 3 x
Straight 6 x
3 of a Kind 30 x
Straight Flush 40 x

Here is an example to illustrate the above point, if we had placed $10 on Pair Plus, and our hand was a Straight Flush we would get 40 x $10 = $400 as a bonus payout from the dealer. You will still get paid out the bonus if you lose the game, as long as you have a pair or higher.

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Ante Bonus
This is the more difficult bonus to get in Three Card Poker, but you do not have to pay extra to be eligible for it. The bonus is a multiple of the amount you placed on the Ante area. This multiple factor is based on your hand strength and your hand must be a straight or higher to get the bonus.

Hand Multiplier
Straight 1 x
3 of a Kind 4 x
Straight Flush 5 x

To illustrate the above, if we placed $20 on the ante and our hand was 3 Aces, the bonus we would get from the dealer would be 4 x $20 = $80.

You will still get the Ante Bonus over and above the Pair Plus bonus if you had placed a bet in the Pair Plus area. Just like the Pair Plus bonus even if you are beaten in a game and your hand qualifies for an Ante Bonus you are still paid out the bonus.

About the author:

Stanley Majors is an experienced online poker journalist who writes articles on a range of poker topics.
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