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Presetting the Dice and Where Should I Sit at the Blackjack Table?

I know this sounds stupid....REAL STUPID!! Is it scientifically possible for a crapshooter to use a "preset" to bring the odds slightly to his/her favor?? I have read something like this (I believe in BEAT THE DEALER) where the author claimed to have know a guy that could do this,,,,he was later found dead in the Nevada desert. My guess is it can't be done...otherwise the casino would bar dice setters. What do you think??

A few people in this world can preset the dice (stack them with certain numbers up in their hand) and then slide the bottom die so that it doesn't randomly bounce off the end cushion. That is easily detected by surveillance personnel and won't be permitted for long.

The best "preset" I've heard of is where someone put another dot (pip?) on each of the 4s of a set of dice, thus giving them two extra 5s. They then bet the hard way 10, made place bets on 10 and cleaned up!

When sitting at a blackjack table, which seat has the best odds? Is it the first, middle, or last? Thank you.

Dear Mike,
Unless you are counting cards, it doesn't matter which seat you're at; the odds are the same. For counters, it can be helpful to sit near the end ("third base") since you'll likely see more cards before you make your playing decision. But this only applies if the counter is making deviations from basic strategy. Most casino personnel think counters prefer to sit at the end, so I don't often do it.

I recently came across one of the internet casinos that pays 5-1 on "any 7" in craps. The norm I believe for this wager is 4-1. Do you know of any strategy that will take advantage of this situation?
Steve K.

Dear Steve,
Does it pay 5 TO 1 or 5 FOR 1? The latter is just a 4-1 in disguise. If it really is 5 TO 1, just bet it as you would a free odds bet, because while you don't have an edge there, it is an even money proposition.

Your basic strategy at Blackjack says if you have A,7 against a dealers 3,4,5,6 and are unable to double, you should stand. However some books I've read recommend hitting anyway! What's the correct play?


Dear Stingray,
The correct strategy is to stand. The only time one should hit A-7 is when the dealer is showing a 9, 10 or Ace. A player doubles an A-7 in order to get more $$$ on the table, rather than to improve the hand, so when doubling is not allowed, standing is the correct play.

Hot Tip: Remember, when the Blackjack dealer must hit A-6, s/he will break more often. Thus, basic strategy says to double a hand of A-8 against a dealer's 6. If they stand on A-6, then you should stand with A-8 against a 6.

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