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Gambling Online Disclaimer

Read the disclaimer, it's in your own interest!

  • Gambling Portal - This is a gambling portal which offers information only. You cannot gamble here.
  • Gambling Information - The Gambling Index does regularly update their information. The casinos however often update their sites and we will sometimes not have the most up to date information. You will need to check to see what is the most up to date information. The casino cannot be expected to honor out of date information which we may carry from time to time.
  • Legally Speaking - We took a look at our visitors statistics and were astounded to see visitors from dozens of different countries. That doesn't even begin to take into account different states or regions. Some countries and even some states will allow different things. There is no way we can determine if gambling online is legal in your jurisdiction! This is something that YOU have to do and we highly recommend that you do so!
  • Age - Most countries, states, cultures, or regions will have an age restriction on gambling ranging from 18 to 21 years. There may even be more extreme examples! No matter though, similar to the above point we highly recommend that you determine the legal age for gambling before deciding to gamble.
  • Gambling Addiction - We are not going to try and define problem gambling. So many people seem not to be able to recognise that they have a problem! The last thing we want to see is for you to find yourself in a financial or emotional bind due to problem gambling habits. We gamble for fun and set aside a budget that is much the same as other people would when providing for an afternoon out, the movies, or even a day at the races. We advise and we practice money management so that our own gambling is at a level where we can still enjoy the gambling time both before and after we have gambled. If you find yourself playing more than you can afford, or more than your were initially willing to play, you need to seek help. There are people who deal with this daily and will definitely identify with your problem. Try them before you find yourself in a situation you cannot recover from!
    Gamblers Anonymous
    Gamblers Anonymous UK
    Gamblers Anonymous Aus
  • Important - We listed the above links to assist you. Having these links listed does NOT imply endorsement of our site by these worthy organisations!
  • Liability - We have a vast network at our fingertips that should help us in identifying casinos with afinancial problems or renegade casinos who are simply money grabbing and not in it for the long term. Where possible, we will identify and remove these casinos. We will not however be held responsible for the actions of listed casinos because we do not have insight into their balance sheets nor to things that may be going on behind the scenes. This is a risk that you take.
  • Arbritration - Given our networking and knowledge, we are in a good position to assist our visitors in the event of a dispute with a casino. Remember to read their rules, and the terms and conditions of any promotion. Whils't we can often help, and will do so, we can't defend your actions if you have broken their stated terms and conditions or general rules.
  • Casino Rules - Just a reminder that the online casinos have in depth rules and Terms and Conditions and that it is YOUR full responsibility to read the casinos' rules before playing there.
  • Acknowledgement - Use of information contained in this site in any way whatsoever, binds you to the above terms of the disclaimer.

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